Win $150K in Undercity Airdrop – Act Now to Cash Out Big!


  • Undercity is launching a $150,000 airdrop giveaway to celebrate the launch of its act-to-earn village and growing community.
  • Anyone can enter the giveaway by completing tasks on Gleam and holding at least $150 worth of Undercity’s native token ($UND).
  • The prize will be distributed among one lucky winner who completes the tasks for multiple entries.

About Undercity

Undercity is a hybrid gaming metaverse that brings alive an unprecedented act-to-earn virtual village. The 10,000 meter-square village houses various facilities such as virtual reality rooms, atmosphere bars, streaming rooms, and retro-gaming rooms. It aims to take the experience to global users by reproducing the village in the metaverse. The project’s ambition has resonated with many users around the world, resulting in a rising community.

$150K Airdrop Giveaway

Undercity launched an airdrop with $150,000 up for grabs to celebrate its presale and growing community. Participants must hold at least $150 of Undercity’s native token ($UND) at the time of draw in order to be eligible for this prize. To join this giveaway via Gleam they have to complete listed tasks that come with multiple entries; such as entering their crypto wallet address; joining @undercity_chat on Telegram; tweeting @undercity_off on Twitter; following & retweeting @undercity_off; visiting @undercity.officiel on Instagram; visiting their website undercity and sharing it with friends (10 extra entries).

Eligibility Criteria

In order to participate in this giveaway you need to hold at least $150 of Undercity’s native token ($UND) at the time of draw. Additionally you must complete all necessary steps mentioned above for multiple entries via Gleam platform in order increase your chances of winning.


Undercity is offering an incredible opportunity for anyone interested in participating in their $150K Airdrop Giveaway! This is an excellent way to spread awareness about their project which includes opening up a new virtual village dedicated particularly towards gamers, role players, and cosplayers from all over the world! All participants must meet eligibility requirements listed above and complete given tasks for multiple entries via Gleam platform if they wish to stand a chance of winning!