Crypto Market Takes U-Turn: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Cardano and Solana Shed Value

-The crypto market has taken a U-turn as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Cardano, and Solana have all registered a loss.
-Bitcoin price has shed nearly 1.5% in the last 24hrs and Ethereum has lost its $1,600 level.
-Major macro events like the correlation between tech stocks and crypto could be the reason for the downfall in prices.

The beginning of the year 2023 has been a mixed bag for the cryptocurrency market. After starting off on a high note, the market has taken a U-turn as most of the large cap currencies have registered a loss. Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Cardano, and Solana have all experienced a decrease in their prices in the past 24 hours.

At the time of publishing, Bitcoin is selling at $22,656 after a drop of 1.2% in the last 24hrs. Ethereum has lost 4.57% in the same span and is now trading at $1,553. This unexpected drop in prices has left investors questioning the cause of this sudden downturn.

There are a few macro events that could be attributed to this price decrease. Firstly, Bitcoin and other large cap cryptocurrencies are highly correlated with tech stocks. As tech stocks have started to dip, the crypto market has followed suit. Secondly, investors may have become less optimistic in regards to Bitcoin’s price action, causing them to sell off their holdings and causing the price to dip.

Furthermore, the cryptocurrency market is relatively volatile, and this could be the cause of the sudden downturn. The market is often subject to short-term fluctuations, which can cause prices to dip suddenly and unexpectedly. This could be the case with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

To conclude, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the sudden dip in prices. It is likely that a combination of macro events, investor sentiment, and market volatility have all played a part. Whatever the reason, the crypto market will undoubtedly recover in the near future and continue to grow.

Peter Schiff’s Bitcoin Prediction Proven Wrong – Crypto Resilience Shines On

• Peter Schiff is a businessman, investment broker, author, and financial analyst who is known for his pessimistic views on the US economy and the Federal Reserve.
• He has been critical of cryptocurrency and recently predicted that Bitcoin will never reach $100k.
• Despite this, Bitcoin has since grown 27%, making Schiff’s prediction look ridiculous.

Peter Schiff is a businessman, investment broker, author, and financial analyst from the United States. He is the CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, a foreign market investing firm. Schiff is well-known for his bearish views on the US economy and the Federal Reserve, as well as his criticism of government spending and economic intervention.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, Schiff has been particularly outspoken in his criticism. In December 2020, he predicted that Bitcoin would never reach $100,000, a prediction that has been proven wrong after Bitcoin grew 27% since then. His yellow line, which was previously considered support, is now considered resistance and he has advised people to sell.

Despite this, Schiff continues to express his disapproval of Bitcoin. In a recent tweet, he stated that he believes “the entire rally” will reverse and for the price of Bitcoin to plummet below where it was at the start of its rally. This makes his earlier prediction look even more foolish as Bitcoin continues to prove its resilience and strength as a digital asset.

Schiff’s negative comments have been met with a great deal of criticism from the crypto-community, with many believing that his words are outdated and that he is simply out of touch with the current state of the industry. Many in the crypto-community are also skeptical of Schiff’s views on the economy, believing that his predictions about the US economy have been wrong in the past and that he is misguiding the public.

Although Schiff has made some inaccurate predictions in the past, it is important to remember that his views are his own and it is up to the individual to decide whether they agree with him. No matter what happens, it is clear that the crypto-space has come a long way since Schiff’s prediction and that it has the potential to go much further in the future.

BitLQ Review – What Is BitLQ?

BitLQ Review

Digital trading has exploded onto the stage in huge way. Everyone from all walks of life are seeking ways to get more information about the field and participate in the activity in within the privacy of their home.

One of the applications that are currently on the market is BitLQ. The following BitLQ review, we’ve tried the application, the setup and service to the test in order to give you an extensive review of what to expect. The results we provide are unbiased and are intended to help users gain a better understanding of how these platforms function.


What Is BitLQ?

BitLQ is a trading app specifically designed for the market of cryptocurrency. It is a simple platform for novices and professionals alike to get ease of access to many cryptocurrency trading opportunities.

Created by a team that has an extensive understanding of the field of trading and cryptocurrency generally, BitLQ manages to balance the development of human skills and technological assistance.

Simply put, BitLQ is part of the latest era of finance and trading. It provides a fresh method to invest in crypto without being confused or overwhelmed. It also provides education and guidance throughout.

Is BitLQ a Legit or a Scam?

After a thorough analysis and thorough analysis, we are able to say that BitLQ isn’t a fraud.

The primary goal for us when we look into the latest trading apps is to establish whether or not it’s an authentic platform. In the final analysis using BitLQ or other applications similar to it is handing over money that you have earned in the hope that the potential is real.

Of course trading and trading in cryptocurrency is completely risk-free, and there aren’t assurances. However there are some elements that we seek when choosing a platform. These elements help to demonstrate how it can improve your chances of success and gives you the necessary tools to make most effective choices.

BitLQ matched all the criteria for us in our attempt to figure out if it was an authentic platform.

  • The entire organization is open about who it is and where it is from, and the reasons it is reliable. After going through the site and looking up certain facts we found the data to be truthful and transparent.
  • BitLQ’s software is able to stand up to examination. Trading bots are definitely the source of controversy in the industry as some individuals are utterly not trusting any software that even mentions. But, if the right programmers and software are available and it is able to be a game changer.
  • There aren’t any big promises or outrageous assertions. One of the most obvious indicators that something could be a fraud is the“get rich quick“ fable. If a trading platform is based its content around a cash-making guarantee or promise that it is a scam, it should sound the alarm alert. BitLQ promises to assist you in making better trading decisions and improve your knowledge, however, it does not claim that you will make money in an instant.
  • It’s fast and simple to withdraw funds. Another thing to look over is the withdrawal procedure for those who do not would like to invest or trade. Certain apps can create a difficult process, including some odd fire ring to go through to gain access to your own capital. With BitLQ it couldn’t be any simpler.
  • Most of the reviews we have found are favorable. Customer feedback is an important component of our review and there’s a lot of evidence to back. The user feedback on the demo for free as well as the simple account and the various choices.

Overall There was nothing that suggested to us we could conclude that the BitLQ platform was a rip-off.

Using the Platform: How Does BitLQ Work?

As with many other 2022 trading applications, BitLQ works on an algorithm-based bot. The program allows users browse through the markets and offers predictions and recommendations using the information and risk levels established by the account the holder.

BitLQ will not trade on behalf of you! The bots are here to aid new traders as they learn and help more experienced traders in their search for opportunities. They do not make trades for the client without clear instructions.

It is crucial to remember that BitLQ is not – nor claims to be a quick money-making program that anyone could take on and experience immediate success. Instead, it’s an extremely comprehensive cryptocurrency trading program which provides a fantastic start for novices to acquire the knowledge that they require to make smart decisions for themselves.

The fundamental step-by-step of the way that the platform functions can be found in the following.

The first step is to Sign up for an account, and then started

The process of setting up your account is simple (see further below). When you create the account you will set the risk parameters you’re at ease with, select the trade method you wish to employ, and decide the currency you want to transfer.

Step Two: Utilize your demo account in order to gain confidence

One of the things we enjoy the most about BitLQ is their demo account. It’s not an exclusive feature of this platform. A lot of new trading apps provide this feature. We wouldn’t recommend using any without. We really liked the flow of this demonstration and how engaging it was.

It’s a fantastic instrument that allows users to test the entire app without placing any bets on the outcome. Try out different strategies and observe how you do Then, learn from your mistakes before they become too real.

Step Three: Begin live trading using the assistance of bots

If you feel confident when you are ready, you can move on towards live trading. There’s still plenty of assistance available, such as the bots and algorithms. However, they don’t take over the task for you The more you learn, the greater chances you will be successful. But they could be helpful.

4th Step Learn abilities and expand your options

We like how broad the trading options are on BitLQ. While it’s a cryptocurrency platform, it offers many opportunities in the field. There are many avenues to growth, particularly when you take the effort to get the most value from the training resources.

5 Steps: Reinvest or withdraw funds whenever you wish

When you’re up operating, the sky is the limit. If you are able to make an income, you may decide to invest it in any way you’d like, or just withdraw the money into an account with a bank or your digital wallet. Your account balances are visible throughout the day on the dashboard and the status of all trades is simple to track.

Our opinion is that BitLQ is among the apps that improves as you use it. When you’ve taken the time to learn about the program it is possible to get the most value from the amazing software.

How do I get started with an account with BitLQ?

Making an account on BitLQ is quick and simple. It took just a few minutes to create an account and the entire process of confirmation was completed quickly. The first step is to visit the BitLQ website, and then going to Login Page. Login Page.

Step One: Registration

When you arrive there, you will discover two boxes, one for users who are already registered and one for visitors who are first time visitors. The only information required are:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Number with area code
  • A new password

All you need to do is complete these simple details and just sit and.

Step Two: Confirmation

In a short time, we received an email confirming that our details were verified. We were also given information on what to expect following. It was a nice addition and helped us feel relaxed and included.

The information provided was as the following:

  • We were expecting to receive a call from a broker, in connection to our new account.
  • BitLQ is an established business partner who collaborates with BitLQ to help with trades and the set-up.
  • After the broker has confirmed the settings for the account and profile The process will continue.

The phone rang professionally and helpful , without pushing. We felt confident in the conversation from beginning to end.

Step 3 Step Three: Choose the system you want to use

When we spoke to their broker they presented us with various options for our account. One was to trade directly with the broker, while the other was to utilize the software on its own as well as the third to open an account demo to get familiar with the system and expand our knowledge prior to launching on the real deal.

Step Four: Make a deposit

After the settings and parameters have been established, it’s now time to transfer the money. You can deposit funds with USD, Euro, Pound Sterling, as well as other accepted crypto currencies. The platform allows customers from all over the world. If you’d like to pay with the currency of Australia, they are able to convert it.

The payment options include:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Transfer of funds to a bank
  • Make a deposit using an electronic wallet

Step Five: Get started

The only thing left to do is to begin trading! Overall, it’s one of the most simple accounts we’ve encountered in our app reviews on trading. With regards to ease of use and speed in service delivery, BitLQ gets top marks.

What are the main characteristics of BitLQ?

  • Interface for users

We are awestruck by the way BitLQ is focused on what’s important eliminating any unnecessary confusion that may be present in the interface. It is simple to navigate and easy to use, which isn’t something that is true for every app in this class.

  • Rapid acces and withdrawals

Speed is a crucial factor in the world of tradingand this is the case with BitLQ. From the easy setup to the withdrawal procedure that is less than 24 hours – BitLQ isn’t slow. There are two main reasons why this is a crucial characteristic. We value time and because we don’t want to be wasting it. In addition, many financial transactions are accompanied by time pressure.

  • Trading without fuss

The process of trading through BitLQ isn’t difficult. It simplifies the whole procedure to ensure that every user is given the chance to maximize the benefits of the application. Instead of weighting things down by requiring lengthy processes similar to those of the traditional trading options It is simple and light, something that impressed us.

  • Fantastic selection of cryptocurrencies

BitLQ isn’t only about Bitcoin! There are many digital currencies via the network, such as Ethereum as well as Dogecoin. Since BitLQ always looks to advance, it is likely that more currencies will be available in the near future.

  • No hidden fees

It’s free to create an account on BitLQ. It is also free to use their demo accounts. Additionally, you don’t have to pay commissions on trades, or risk losing any funds when you make withdrawals. Many sites claim to be completely free however, they have hidden charges strewn through the entire process. Based on our review, we found that in our BitLQ review We did not discover any such thing for this application.

  • Excellent demo account

As we’ve already said that this demo account a element of BitLQ. It’s one of the most effective we’ve tried and we believe it’s one of the most reliable. Demo accounts are an essential tool for novice traders. And in our view it gives this platform an advantage.

Final Thoughts

To summarise to summarize BitLQ analysis, we believe that this platform is a great choice for those who are just beginning to explore the world of crypto trading. We think it’s an efficient, user-friendly and legitimate application with plenty of potential.

It blends smart software and human interaction to create an excellent service and function. We had fun driving-testing BitLQ and highly recommend the service to readers.

Our final conclusion is this: If you’re brand new to trading and are looking for an easy-to-use platform as well as a reliable software and an unbeatable level of customer support that is, then BitLQ is a must in your sights. We have found no faults in this software. The software is virtually flawless as is the experience for users, among our top choices to date.

Spieleangebot bei Bitcoin Sportwetten

Das Bitcoin Sportwetten verfügt über einen großartigen VIP-Club, was zum großen Teil auf seine abgestufte Struktur zurückzuführen ist.
Als Mitglied des VIP-Clubs können Sie unter anderem von folgenden Vorteilen profitieren: einzigartige Boni, exklusive Turniere, höhere Einsatzlimits, persönlicher VIP-Moderator und Einladungen zu besonderen Veranstaltungen.

Es gibt sechs verschiedene VIP-Stufen, darunter: Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium und Master. Sie steigen von einer Stufe zur nächsten auf, wenn Sie VIP-Punkte sammeln. Sie erhalten VIP-Punkte, indem Sie Einzahlungen tätigen und an den Echtgeldspielen teilnehmen.

Spieleangebot im Bitcoin Sportwetten

Bitcoin Sportwetten hat mehr zu bieten als nur eine große Auswahl an Spielautomaten. Während Sie aus Hunderten von Spielautomaten wählen können, werden Sie feststellen, dass Sie eine Vielzahl von Casino-Spielen spielen können, von denen es viele in verschiedenen Formen gibt.

Tisch- und Kartenspiele

Die Tischspiele bei Bitcoin Sportwetten sind dieselben wie in den landgestützten Einrichtungen. Hier ist eine Liste der Bitcoin Sportwetten Tischspiele:

  • Multihand Blackjack
  • Königlicher Blackjack
  • Amerikanischer Blackjack
  • Double Exposure Blackjack
  • Europäischer Blackjack
  • Kristall-Roulette
  • Amerikanisches VIP-Roulette
  • Common Draw Roulette
  • Europäisches Roulette
  • VIP Europäisches Roulette
  • Pantoon Blackjack
  • Zoom-Roulette
  • Bakkarat


Es gibt zwar Hunderte von Spielautomaten, aber hier sind 20 Titel, die zu den beliebtesten gehören:

  • Dreimal der Reichtum
  • Verrückte Pizza
  • Diamant-Progressiv
  • Wild Sevens 1 Linie
  • Big Bang 3 Linien
  • Wild Sevens 5 Linien
  • Königliche Walzen
  • Kleines Huhn
  • Diamantene Kirschen
  • Hole in Won
  • Diamonds are Forever 3 Linien
  • Siebener und Stäbe
  • Rot Weiß Blau 1 Linie
  • Melken Sie die Geldkuh
  • Goldrausch
  • Flohmarkt
  • Fantastische Früchte
  • Global Cup Fußball
  • Sprenge einen Tresor
  • Diamanten schillern


Video-Poker ist nach wie vor ein beliebtes Online-Casino-Spiel, insbesondere bei Bitcoin Sportwetten. Bei der großen Auswahl an Pokerspielen fällt es den Spielern leicht, das Spiel zu finden, das am besten zu ihrer Erfahrung, ihrem Wissen und ihrem Budget passt.

Hier ist eine Liste mit einigen der vielen Videopokerspiele:

  • Buben von Besser
  • Zweien Wild
  • Zweier und Joker (Deuces and Joker)
  • Drei-Karten-Rommé
  • Mehrhand-Bonus-Poker
  • Buben oder Besser
  • Pyramiden-Doppelbonus
  • Joker-Poker
  • All American
  • Geteilter Weg Royal


Das Bitcoin Sportwetten hat Spielern aller Erfahrungsstufen eine Menge zu bieten. Mit seiner großen Auswahl an Spielen, dem VIP-Club und den erstklassigen Promotionen zieht es weiterhin eine große Anzahl von Spielern an.

Wenn Sie die Vorteile des Bitcoin Sportwettens nutzen möchten, melden Sie sich an und testen Sie Ihre Fähigkeiten noch heute!

Drehen eines Videos in Windows Media Player

Einige Videos müssen gedreht werden, bevor man sie bequem ansehen kann. Können Sie ein Video in Windows Media Player drehen und es ansehen?

Verwackelte Videos können ein Ärgernis sein – im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes! Videos, die im Querformat aufgenommen wurden, sehen oft so aus, als wären sie mit dem Telefon im Hochformat aufgenommen worden. Das Ergebnis ist ein Video, das gedreht werden muss, bevor es angezeigt werden kann.

Einige mobile Anwendungen können Videos zwar nicht drehen, aber was ist, wenn das Video bereits mit Ihrem PC synchronisiert wurde? Oder es wurde mit Ihnen geteilt, ohne dass der Absender gemerkt hat, dass es schief war.

Wie können Sie also ein Video in Windows Media Player drehen?

Windows Media Player? Wirklich?
Der Windows Media Player wurde erstmals in Windows 3.0 eingeführt und ist seit 30 Jahren ein fester Bestandteil des Desktop-Betriebssystems von Microsoft. Er ist immer noch verfügbar – Sie finden ihn in Windows 10, indem Sie auf Start tippen und nach „windows media“ suchen. Ansonsten können Sie Windows Media Player 12 herunterladen.

Windows Media Player 12 unterstützt die Videoformate H.264 und MPEG-4 Part 2, die Containerformate MP4 und MOV, AVCHD und einige andere.

Es ist also gut möglich, dass Sie Windows Media Player verwenden, um Ihre Videos anzusehen. Aber was passiert, wenn das Video in der falschen Ausrichtung aufgenommen wurde?

Sie können ein Video in Windows Media Player nicht drehen

Leider unterstützt Windows Media Player das Drehen von Videos nicht. Fairerweise muss man sagen, dass dies keine große Überraschung ist. Im Laufe der Jahre wurden andere Tools veröffentlicht, die eine weitaus bessere Medienwiedergabe ermöglichen.

Windows Media Player eignet sich gut für die Wiedergabe von Videodateien, einschließlich HD/Blu-ray-Standard. Rotation und erweiterte Filter sind jedoch keine Optionen mit diesem Tool.

Infolgedessen müssen Sie ein Tool eines Drittanbieters verwenden, um Ihr Video zu spiegeln.

Drehen eines Videos für Windows Media Player

Wenn Sie weiterhin den Windows Media Player verwenden möchten, benötigen Sie eine andere Anwendung, um Videos zu fixieren und zu drehen.

Es gibt drei wichtige Optionen zum Drehen eines Videos für die Wiedergabe im Windows Media Player:

Free Video Flip and Rotate von DVDVideoSoft
RotateMyVideo auf
VLC media player von Videolan

Jede Lösung dreht Ihr Video mit einem Minimum an Aufwand und speichert es in einem Format, das der Windows Media Player abspielen kann.

(Windows Movie Maker kann ebenfalls Videos drehen, aber da es nicht mehr unterstützt wird, wird es nicht empfohlen).

Free Video Flip and Rotate

Die erste Möglichkeit, ein Video für die Wiedergabe im Windows Media Player zu drehen, ist mit Free Video Flip and Rotate.

Beginnen Sie mit dem Download von Free Video Flip and Rotate von DVD Videosoft. Dies ist ein kostenloses Tool zum Drehen von Videos unter Windows, das mit Windows XP Service Pack 3 und höher kompatibel ist. Es ist besonders für Windows 10 geeignet.

Installieren Sie es und klicken Sie auf Datei hinzufügen (oder ziehen Sie Ihre Videodatei in das Anwendungsfenster).
Wenn Sie das Video ausgewählt haben, sehen Sie sich die Vorschauen im Hauptfenster der Anwendung an. Auf der linken Seite sehen Sie die Standardansicht des Videos in seinem aktuellen Zustand. Auf der rechten Seite sehen Sie eine Vorschau, wie das Video nach der Drehung aussieht.

Unterhalb des Videos finden Sie eine Reihe von Pfeilen. Die ersten drei sind für die Drehung (die anderen sind für das Spiegeln von Videoclips). Klicken Sie auf einen der Pfeile, um das Video zu drehen.
Wählen Sie das richtige Konvertierungsformat in der Dropdown-Liste unten links. Für Windows Media Player verwenden Sie MP4. Wenn Sie fertig sind, klicken Sie auf Speichern. Das fertige Video wird in die gewünschte Ausrichtung gebracht.


Wie behebt man einen Festplattenformatierungsfehler – intern, extern und Speicherkarte

So konvertieren Sie eine Festplatte vom RAW-Dateisystem in FAT32 oder NTFS

Wenn Sie versuchen, eine Festplatte oder Speicherkarte zu formatieren, und die Fehlermeldung „Windows konnte die Formatierung nicht abschließen“ angezeigt wird, befindet sich Ihr Datenträger möglicherweise in der RAW-Dateisystemstruktur. Das kann daran liegen, dass der Datenträger beschädigt wurde oder dass eine vorherige Formatierung schief gegangen ist.

Das Frustrierende daran ist, dass ein Datenträger im RAW-Dateisystem Windows dazu veranlasst, Sie aufzufordern, ihn zu formatieren, bevor Sie ihn verwenden können, bevor Sie die oben genannte Meldung erhalten, die Sie in eine Endlosschleife der Verzweiflung führt. Aber keine Angst, Sie können Ihre Festplatte mit ein paar Schritten retten und wieder nutzbar machen. Natürlich gehen bei der Formatierung alle Daten auf dem Datenträger verloren.

1. Öffnen Sie die Datenträgerverwaltung und löschen Sie den fehlerhaften Datenträger

Klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf das Startmenü und wählen Sie „Datenträgerverwaltung“. Nach ein paar Sekunden werden Ihnen alle an Ihr System angeschlossenen Festplatten angezeigt. Sie werden sehen, dass die fehlerhafte Festplatte als Dateisystem RAW beschrieben ist. Klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf die fehlerhafte Festplatte (stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie die richtige auswählen) und wählen Sie „Volume löschen“. Sie erhalten eine Fehlermeldung, die Sie warnt, dass alle Daten auf dem Datenträger verloren gehen werden. Wenn Sie sich sicher sind, klicken Sie auf „Ja“.

2. Einfaches Volume formatieren

Der Datenträger verschwindet aus der oberen Liste, wird aber im unteren Teil der Datenträgerverwaltung als nicht zugewiesenes Laufwerk angezeigt, d. h. als Speicherplatz, der noch nicht für die Verwendung durch Ihr Betriebssystem formatiert wurde. Klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf den rechten Bereich (mit dem gestreiften Hintergrund) und wählen Sie „Neues einfaches Volume“.

3. Wählen Sie Datenträgerbezeichnung und Dateisystem

Auf dem nächsten Bildschirm können Sie einen Laufwerksbuchstaben und einen Namen zuweisen sowie das Dateisystem auswählen, entweder NTFS oder FAT32. Wählen Sie NTFS, wenn Sie das Laufwerk als Systemlaufwerk oder zur Speicherung auf einem PC oder Laptop verwenden wollen (da dies neben anderen Vorteilen auch Dateigrößen von mehr als 4 GB erlaubt), wenn es sich um eine Speicherkarte handelt, die Sie mit anderen Geräten (z. B. Kameras) verwenden wollen, wählen Sie FAT32. Bei Flash-Laufwerken können Sie sich für NTFS entscheiden, wenn es sich um ein Laufwerk mit hoher Kapazität handelt, aber FAT32 sorgt für Kompatibilität, wenn Sie es beispielsweise an einen Fernseher oder eine Videospielkonsole anschließen möchten.

Klicken Sie auf „Weiter“ und die Datenträgerverwaltung formatiert den Datenträger.

4. Einen Laufwerksbuchstaben zuweisen (erneut)

Wenn Windows aus irgendeinem Grund keinen Laufwerksbuchstaben zuweist (was bei mir der Fall war), wird der neu formatierte Datenträger weder im Windows Explorer noch in der oberen Liste der Datenträgerverwaltung angezeigt. Sie müssen erneut einen Laufwerksbuchstaben zuweisen, indem Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf das Laufwerk in der unteren Liste klicken und einen auswählen. Danach sollte Ihr Datenträger voll funktionsfähig sein.

The development of the Bitcoin Profit trading bot

Bitcoin Profit experiences in the test

With the development of the Bitcoin Profit trading bot, a way was created for Bitcoin traders to make profits without having to call the tokens their own. See for more.

Bitcoin trading in particular has grown rapidly in recent years, with more and more investors opting for this bot. However, the cryptocurrency market is very complex and many investors are basically unable to trade at a profit.
This is part of the reason why the cryptocurrency trading bot was developed. Applications have been created that take over the entire trading process, so that the investor no longer has the stress that often comes with trading. There are numerous bitcoin bots online, but the Bitcoin Profit bot is one of the most successful of its kind.


Bitcoin Profit – what does it mean?

Bitcoin Profit has developed the automatic trading bot so that investors can not only make their profits but also increase them. The bot analyses huge amounts of data and trends. After a deposit is made, the bot goes into action and regulates the entire market analysis. It identifies trading opportunities and will place trades automatically,
The bot offers a great accuracy rating, which, with such large returns, increases the chances of making four times the actual investment. Profitable trades are placed through state-of-the-art technology.

Features & Functionality


Who do you find behind Bitcoin Profit?

It is not known who developed the Bitcoin Profit bot. However, this is not a disadvantage with this trading software. The bots that are real and work with innovative algorithms are often copied from lesser known models. Therefore, investors should log in or register on the Bitcoin Profit site. The platform has a very large network with reputable and regulated brokers.

###3 steps###

Opinions about Bitcoin Profit

After depositing money with Bitcoin Profit, I was a little sceptical about leaving my stake to an automated software. However, it was the best thing I could have done. I haven’t had to overdraw my account in a very long time, and with Bitcoin Profit I even have money left over from the previous month. Debts I used to have are water under the bridge. I can even put something aside for my future.

Advantages and disadvantages

Completely automatic: The software does all the trading for the investor automatically.
Advanced program: Bitcoin Profit has advanced algorithms to work with. This cannot be said of other bots.
Customer support: The investor has a customer service team at his disposal around the clock, which will also answer all questions.
Image: Bitcoin Profit has a very good reputation and is one of the best and leading trading robots on the market. The broker services are all reputable and regulated.
Proven: There are very many verifiable reviews of the software, which backs up Bitcoin Profit‘ track record.

Limited cryptocurrencies: Only the most valuable and popular cryptocurrencies available for trading are available.


The Bitcoin trading bot is extremely profitable in its application. Nevertheless, investors should always bear in mind that every investment also has its risks. For example, the bot may well report one or two trades as lost.
The Bitcoin Profit cryptocurrency bot has been subjected to tests and it has been confirmed that the bot is extremely profitable. By buying and selling different cryptocurrencies, the bot may well make thousands of dollars in a single day. After logging into the Bitcoin Profit website, the investor can read the latest updates from the newest traders. A trade is closed particularly quickly in order to immediately prepare the next one. By combining many trades, the chance to win over $1000 within 24 hours is created.

How does Bitcoin Profit compare to other bots?

With Bitcoin Profit, an effective platform has emerged, just as many investors would like it to be. It shows a more positive picture than other competitors.
Therefore, Bitcoin Profit can be recommended without hesitation.

Bitcoin Prijs Analyse: Na $8K Stijging, BTC Afgewezen op Kritisch Gebied – Wat Nu?

Bitcoin is vandaag licht gedaald na moeite te hebben om boven het kritieke niveau van $55K te blijven. Dit komt na een paar bullish dagen toen de primaire cryptocurrency terugkaatste van een twee weken durende downtrend, waarbij hij de dag ervoor zo laag als $47.000 raakte op Bitstamp (.5 Fib). BTC vond steun op een 3,5-maanden oude stijgende trendlijn, die zich in januari begon te vormen.

Tot dusver voegde bitcoin meer dan $8k toe aan zijn prijs en noteerde het dieptepunt van vandaag boven $55.800 voordat het werd afgewezen. Kijkend naar de 1-uurs grafiek, stuitte het op een dalende trendlijn op de korte termijn, en ondanks de recente bullishness, vormt het nog steeds een lager-hoger traject dat in het tekstboek bearish staat (op de middellange termijn).

De belangrijkste vraag is of Bitcoin Pro zijn positie kan heroveren op de 50-daags voortschrijdend gemiddelde lijn samen met de $57k horizontale steun, wat ook het lower-highs patroon zal ‚breken‘.

Eerder vandaag piekte BTC boven $55.800 op Bitstamp, maar keerde snel terug naar beneden onder het volgende belangrijke weerstandsniveau op het genoemde $55K gebied.

BTC Prijs Ondersteuning en Weerstand Levels om in de gaten te houden

Belangrijke Support Levels: $53.845, $52.500, $51.440, $50.500 – $50.000, $48.920.

Belangrijke Weerstandsniveaus: $55k – $55.390, $56.000, $57k, $58.355, $60.000.

Vooruitkijkend ligt de eerste steun op $53.845 (bearish .382 Fib). Deze wordt gevolgd door $52.500 (.382 Fib en 4-uurs MA-50 lijn), $51.440 (lange termijn .618 Fib), $50.400 (.618 Fib), $50.000, en $48.920 (.786 Fib).

Aan de andere kant ligt de eerste sterke weerstand bij $55.000 – $55.390. Dit wordt gevolgd door $56.000 (bearish .5 Fib), belangrijke weerstand van $57.000 (dagelijks MA-20 en MA-50), $58.355 (vorige ATH van midden februari), en $60.000.

De dagelijkse RSI handelt op de middellijn, wat wijst op besluiteloosheid in de markt. Hij herstelde van de meest oververkochte condities sinds maart 2020 aan het begin van de week om terug te keren naar het 50-niveau – wat aangeeft dat het vorige bearish momentum een beetje was weggeëbd.

88% av alle BTC-overføringer overbetaler transaksjonsgebyrer

Tre og et halvt år etter aktivering av SegWit er adopsjonen av det plassbesparende transaksjonsformatet fortsatt langt fra ideell.

I følge analysen av Mark “Murch” Erhardt fra Chaincode Labs , betaler 88% av alle Bitcoin-transaksjonsinngangene høyere avgifter enn det som er nødvendig. Erhardt baserer sin konklusjon på data som viser bare 12% av transaksjonsinngangene bruker SegWit-formatet, noe som er mindre gebyrintensivt enn transaksjoner med eldre innganger.

Erhardt mener at en avhengighet av eldre transaksjonsgebyrer holder Bitcoin Bank blokkene mindre enn de ellers kunne være, og bidrar til et tilsynelatende økende etterslep av ubekreftede transaksjoner.

En tilstoppet Bitcoin-mempool som inneholdt 107 blokker av transaksjoner på et tidspunkt i går, tjener som en påminnelse om at det er mulig å spare penger på gebyrer ved å lage mindre kostbare transaksjoner. I følge Erhardt er den enkleste måten å vedta SegWit for alle fremtidige transaksjoner.

Erhardt påpekte at det er nødvendig å bytte fra eldre til dataeffektive SegWit-transaksjoner for å minimere oppblåsthet i blockchain:

„Jo lengre mindre effektive produksjonsformater er utbredt, jo mer fremtidig blokkeringsgjeld akkumulerer vi.“

Erhardt mener at integrering av SegWit i store lommebokforsyningstjenester er lang forsinket, og bidrar til unødvendig mempool og blockchain-oppblåsthet. „Det er nesten 3,5 år siden SegWit aktiverte,“ bemerket han på slutten av en tråd om tilstanden til mempool.

„På hvilket tidspunkt er det akseptabelt å vurdere lommebøker som ikke kan sendes til innfødte SegWit-adresser utdaterte?“

Erhardt er ansatt i årevis som en lommebokutvikler for kryptovaluta før han ble ansatt hos Chaincode Labs i 2020, og er spesialist i UTXO-ledelse for kommersielle Bitcoin-lommebøker, og hjelper dem med å spare penger på forretningsrelaterte transaksjons- og vedlikeholdskostnader på en rekke måter.

SegWit-transaksjoner utgjør for tiden omtrent 51% av alle Bitcoin-transaksjoner; en statistikk som antas å vokse i størrelse etter hvert som kommersielle lommebokleverandører møter økende etterspørsel etter SegWit-adressestøtte.

Anslått minimumsavgift for inkludering i neste blokk er for øyeblikket 149 lørdag / byte, noe som tilsvarer et gebyr på $ 14,97 til en pris på $ 44,870 per BTC.

Hvordan du bruker SegWit sparer på transaksjonsgebyrer

Mens SegWit-transaksjoner teknisk sett ikke er mindre enn eldre transaksjoner, vektes komponentene i deres data forskjellig når det gjelder å inkludere dem i en blokk.

Data knyttet til vitnekomponenten i en transaksjon anses å være ikke-essensielle for en fungerende blockchain og diskonteres derfor når den totale størrelsen på en transaksjon utgjør. Dette gjør at SegWit-transaksjoner virker mindre og krever derfor mindre avgift for å behandle – de er raskere å bekrefte enn en eldre transaksjon med samme avgift

Age Of Bitcoin Oplysning

Løftet om Bitcoin forbliver intakt, fordi dets design omgår det skrøbelige menneskelige ego på måder, som ingen andre menneskelige bestræbelser nogensinde har gjort.

Det menneskelige ego er en skrøbelig ting

Det er hurtigt at bedømme, usikkert, let manipuleres, og det bliver knyttet til ting gennem identifikation. Det holder fast ved ideer og overbevisninger for enhver pris, ofte imod vores egne interesser og på trods af den virkelige verdens observationer om det modsatte. Ingen står over for en vanskeligere kamp end hvad deres eget ego skaber, og den ene ting, der truer vores overlevelse lige så meget som noget andet, er det menneskelige egos skrøbelighed. Vores bedste intentioner bliver kapret af det og baner vejen til helvede på jorden.

Det er ikke kun folkedrabsregering, der truer vores overlevelse, men det faktum, at vi falder for det. Det og vores manglende evne til at se forbi vores forskelle og finde fælles som svar på det. Egoer bliver så sammenflettede med overbevisninger og skaber en følelse af selvoppustet betydning, at debatter bliver meningsløse og tjener lidt andet end at styrke den samme identifikation, overlegenhed og splittelse.

Dette har bragt verden til et korsvej, hvor vi risikerer vores egen udryddelse gennem den perfekte anvendelse af det gamle ordsprog: del og erobre. Kun det er os, der deler os selv og efterlader menneskeheden sårbar over for at blive besejret af sin egen svaghed.

Ingen kan undslippe det. Og vi, dem i Bitcoin-samfundet, er ingen undtagelse. Se ikke længere end Roger Ver’s forsøg på at kapre Bitcoin og gemmer dig bag ideen om, at Bitcoin kan skaleres gennem en stigning i blokstørrelse alene. Eller den igangværende saga, der involverer den berygtede karakter, der hævder at være Satoshi , et krav, der oprindeligt blev støttet af Gavin Andresen, en af ​​de oprindelige Bitcoin-udviklere, på trods af alt bevis for det modsatte.

Disse mennesker udgør ikke længere en alvorlig trussel mod Bitcoin, men på forskellige tidspunkter kan de have det

På trods af at Ver og Andresen muligvis er startet med de bedste intentioner, var de trusler, de stillede over for Bitcoin, engang meget virkelige. Og der vil være andre. Se bare på den “store pest af shitcoinery. ”Og alligevel overlever Bitcoin og blomstrer på trods af utallige menneskelige egoer, der vildt svinger efter hegnene.

Selvfølgelig ser ingen på sig selv på denne måde. Vi er alle tilbøjelige til at tro, at disse tegn ikke ligner os. De har problemer. Det gør vi ikke. Men lad os være ærlige. Vi har alle saboteret noget på et eller andet tidspunkt i vores liv i kraft af at være selvcentreret. Og uanset hvor lille et problem vi tror, ​​det kan have været, kan det have været en stor ting for en anden uden os nogensinde at vide.

Selv den mest grusomme diktator mener, at han handler i en persons interesse, mens den protesterende pøbel sparker ned til paladsdørene. Og især når det gælder menneskelige styresystemer, får oppustede egoer altid og uundgåeligt det bedste ud af vores bedste intentioner.

Og det er løftet om Bitcoin. Det forbliver intakt, hvor utallige og alle andre velmenende menneskelige bestræbelser ikke kan. Fordi designet af Bitcoin omgår det skrøbelige menneskelige ego på måder, som intet andet nogensinde har.

Der er meget debat omkring decentralisering. Men måske er det aspekt af decentralisering, der betyder mest, let observerbart i os selv. Og jeg kan ikke tænke på et mere kraftfuldt eksempel end skaberen (e) af Bitcoin beslutter at være anonym og overgive deres verdensændrende opfindelse.

Ingen kan undslippe tyngden af ​​det menneskelige ego. Og i en verden præget af selvoverbærenhed, splittelse og utilfredshed gennem en næsten mirakuløs handling sikrede Satoshi, at intet ego nogensinde kunne kapre Bitcoins mission om at ændre verden.

Måske i de kommende år vil folk erkende og sætte pris på, at denne uselviskhed udgør den mest dybtgående oplysningshandling gennem hele den registrerede menneskelige historie – formørkelse som Gandhi, Jesus og Buddha. Satoshi forandrede verden, men ingen ved, hvem de er.